January 11, 2011

Why Hello

Greetings, friends.
Bet you're wondering where I've been, and why I am buying time with halfassed side-posts. Well I think I owe you the fairness of truth. It's not very exciting, however. I'm indeed buying time to write ahead of myself, to create a cache before continuing, and have successfully stockpiled a handful of very large, very in depth entries and there they are a' standing in the road, bum-bum-bum etc.
Or on my flash drive.
The point is, trying to write consistantly and quickly was sort of becoming a distraction. Even more importantly, I've been rounding up little chats of sorts with primary sources, and while a somewhat arduous task (especially the dickholes <3 who don't have any contact information whatsoever listed), it has turned up some wonderful information to give to you all! Nonetheless, I'm trying my best to get everything situated in a way that there should be no future interruptions in the entries! I want you all to get back to enjoying one of the weirder intellectual pursuits the world offers, and while this may be a hack intellectual pursuit, I hope you guys like it, anyways. It seems you do, and thank you all for the subscriptions, comments, and emails. They bring me more joy than I ever expected.
So, not quite back to your regularly scheduled programming (I'm looking at you again, missing interview), but soon, friends. Soon.

EDIT: Jesus H Christ, you're never going to contact me, are you.

EDIT 2: Almost there, guys.


  1. No worries. Happens to the best of us, though I am looking forward very much for this entry of yours. Good luck!

  2. Thank you very much, and oh it's so not "entry", it's "entries"! :>

  3. Well, this certainly is in depth. I'm very impressed that someone besides me is out there doing their research. Hell, you've got me beat by a mile. I mainly try to find ways to prove these blogs and videos to be false. And I've found that it's much easier to understand where a writer is coming from if you know what they believe. So. Let me ask you this:

    Do you really believe Slender Man is real? Do you think, for whatever reason, he's become, or has always been, in some plane of existence? Or do you think this is all one giant work of fiction?

    I'm very excited for your response.