November 12, 2010

Fire and Water

While we’re at it, let’s get two other basic concepts in the open, as they too constitute an ever-present force of Slender Man.[i]

"Feuer und Wasser kommt nie zussamen
Kann man nicht binden sind nicht verwandt
In Funken versunken steh ich in Flammen
Und bin im Wasser verbrannt”[ii]

We all know what fire and water are. We know how they’re created, more or less, how they’re dangerous, etc. We know they represent core instincts and fears in the human being, and that they spiritually can represent cleansing, punishment, purity, life, creativity, and other such things.
However, they take on a unique and not at all common effect in their pairing with Slender Man.


Natural Arson

There’s no need to cite the many occasions Slender Man has been associated with a destructive fire. It should also be common agreement that these fires are a result of Slender Man’s presence, and (often) even prior involvement. As in, there is nothing exactly to suggest Slender Man is the one setting them, but rather it is an effect of his objective involvement. For example, the original “Sterling Library” fire, to the later apartment fire in Marble Hornets. (Whether you believe totheark began that is irrelevant, as totheark himself is a result of Slender Man’s presence just the same.) In many cases, the places burned down also only housed evidence of Slender Man. In fact, fire follows Slender Man in whatever form or means possible, as though nature is attempting to purify itself of his presence. The physics of Slender Man has long been speculated as an anomaly at the least, and even more so evident than this is that Slender Man has often been associated with a “burning embrace”.

Burning Embrace

Furthering this idea of purification through fire, to physically touch Slender Man is almost unanimously described as “burning”. The imagination can fulfill so little in regards to Him, that the closest agony it can analogize with is the sensation of touching fire. Most people would agree this is on the top of the list of things we instinctually do not want to touch. And yet that His embrace[iii] should be associated with fire also effects the context described above- as if He is perpetually burning for His presence in our world, yet made of something too strong for the natural order of this world to turn to ash. A reminder that our rules are “like toys” to him.


Religious Representation

The water/flood aspect of Slender Man is not, strictly speaking, canon. However, it has been so prevalent since the beginning, it’s not easy to separate the idea from Him.
There has been strong Old Testament leaning in the ARG circle, and so the relationship with floods is easy enough to understand, and even easier to see as it has the same symbolic meaning as the fire aspect may have. Yet there is more to the water relation when examined.

Fire and Water

Water, again, symbolizes many things in common with fire: purity, creation, life, and others. While the destructive forces of both elements are well known, water has a subtlety which fire does not.
Water can spend eternities underground, hidden where fire is instantaneous and temporary. Water can slowly, patiently, force its way through vast lengths of stone while fire must stop. Unlike fire, water survives as a thing in itself, needing no other element. A flood can cause a thousand more ways to die than the worst fire. Water has no need to hurry, yet has “liquid” speed and nothing to fear. It can boil or freeze. Deep waters can hide death of a thousand forms, it mutes out light, and the conscious clarity of drowning is said to be one of the worst kinds of death a human can suffer. This all makes an excellent representation of our tall, mysterious friend whom can never be fathomed any better than an entire ocean, and cannot be stopped, it seems, any easier.

Yes, a short post today. And I am sorry about the “fathom” joke but I couldn’t resist.
The pageviews are a-climbing! It looks like I’ve been suggested for the official listing at Unfiction! My views today have been excellent! Thank you all so much for reading! If I’m entertaining or managing to intrigue anyone, I am beyond flattered, and can hope for no more. Thanks again everyone, and stay tuned because I have a lot of excellent stuff in store! I’m just getting started.

EDIT: Holy hell the pageviews are skyrocketting! This is pretty bitchin to see, people. I wanted to say again that I am very stoked about this, and I can only hope you are enjoying the blog. Don't be afraid to comment either. Now that the basic concepts are complete, the real fun begins next post! Enjoy, you fear loving bastards![iv]

[i] Personally, I prefer “Slenderman”. It’s smoother to type and looks a bit more fancy, but “Slender Man” is canon so for the sake of the blog, that’s how I’m writing it. Just incase it was irritating someone else too.
[ii]Feuer Und Wasser”, Rammstein. 2005
[iii] the “embrace” to be discussed in a later entry
[iv] to be discussed in a later entry


  1. This is really groovy stuff, keep it coming!

    Also, I'm pretty sure you were linked somewhere on the unfiction forums, and with how buzzing they are lately, I'm not surprised you've gotten lots of page views, especially considering the quality of your analysis.

  2. Wow Michael, that is some awesome stuff to say to me! Thank you very much! Yeah, Unfiction really did the boost!