November 7, 2010


Hello husks Internets!

Welcome to Golom Tulpa Anima, the blog dedicated to our tall, well-dressed friend, the mindraping, gut tearing, heart stopping Slender Man. Most of you by this time are familiar with Him. Some of you are not. For those in the second category:

Stop reading now if you want to live.

The rest of you already realize it’s too late, of course, and perhaps look to this blog for some help. But this is not M here. I am not the brave Zeke, or the calm and collected Jay.
My name’s Ashley. I go by Ash. And this is not an ARG.
No, this isn’t even an attempt to solidify Slender Man canon (though, to be fair, I will be a stickler for canon). This blog is a loving, meticulous journey into what makes the Slender Man what He is. What, in reality, makes us so fear Him, and yet crave His terror.
Looking at my previous post, you may wonder, “How is she going to do that? She clearly knows that the Slender Man can not be understood!” And you would be right.
While observing the first wave of the Slender Man Mythos in the Something Awful Forums, Mr. Gibbycrumbles commented,

“What comes naturally from this thread is actually one of the greatest things about Slender Man; that is the fact that there is no true, definitive interpretation of what He looks like. Slender Man is vague, unclear, and this probably is the most important thing about Him that needs to be preserved.”

This fact has been proven again and again through the various ARGs, forums, and other creative media that Slender Man has inhabited. The more one tries to clarify Him, the more the reader resists, knows that it’s wrong, loses touch with the terror. Through explanation Slender Man becomes more incomprehensible; in the end, the only way He can be understood is through the pure, abject fear that comes with Him. He can only be felt, witnessed, or experienced to be known.
In those moments of horror, He is understood perfectly.

“Yes, that is all good and well,” you may say, “but this still doesn’t explain how she intends to blog about what makes the Slender Man so batshit scary!”
You’re right again! This is how I intend to do it:
By all of us taking hands and observing what we can observe without our eyes being blinded or our minds breaking. We will feel, witness, and experience Slender Man, but never define. This, I believe, will be the key to seeing the fear clearly.
In the next few posts, I will go over the original Something Awful forum thread that gave birth to Slender Man, as many people aren’t familiar with the canon. From there, the real fun begins.

Now, before you think I’m batshit scary, let me introduce myself just a little better! .3.
As I said, my name is Ash. I have a very silly sense of humor (that’s more of a warning than anything else; for when I break the mood by making a very stupid joke out of something), I have a weird writing style, oh, and I get very irritated by corniness and clich├ęs, I like me some good rock and metal, I make tons of really bad analogies (I can’t help it), and Slender Man is the only thing that has ever scared me. I am constantly assumed to be a man (I’m a lady, blast you!) (also don’t get excited cause I do like my ice cream and it shows), I’m over drinking age but younger than twenty-five, yes, I have read House of Leaves (even the house doesn’t have anything on Slendy), and I thoroughly enjoy the Pacific Ocean, where I live.

Now, back to the Slender Man. Here goes!
Thank you for joining me on this journey and enjoy the ride.

"The Slender Man came to me in a dream and told me that he existed between everything and nothing, and that time and matter are like toys. Then he broke into tiny jellyfish-like things that swam away into my radiator." -LemOHnade, Something Awful Forums

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  1. Pacific Ocean? Nice to know there's another Slenderblogger from Oceania.