November 6, 2010

“…Its persistent silence and outstretched arms horrified and comforted us at the same time."

“People are too swift to apportion human reasoning or human sentiments to this Thing when in fact It is [so] vastly alien in every manner that it would make more sense to apportion features of a force of nature to It.” –jonnymanic, Unfiction

"The closer you think you are to understanding the Slender Man, the more incorrect you really are." -JossiRossi, Something Awful Forums

“And the more stories you post, the more images you find, the more you think about Him, the more He feeds and the stronger He grows. He isn't coming. He is already here, and He always has been, and always will be.” - Wonder Bra, Something Awful Forums

“The Slender Man. He exists because you thought of Him. Now try and not think of Him.” – I, Something Awful Forums

“Slender Man is scaring the crap out of me for some reason.” –Noobicide, Something Awful Forums

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